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Buzzing Emcee Podgy Smith Heats Up The Streets With “December Interlude”

Hip Hop phenom Podgy Smith is a headstrong rapper determined to leave an impact on the music game. He is one of the most prolific and talented rappers on today's contemporary music landscape. His songs are colossal and cinematic. He combines an immense amount of raw talent and amazing showmanship. There is an undercurrent of realness and authenticity in his voice. This multifaceted entertainer is a force to be reckoned with.

The incredibly gifted, multi-talented lyricist has honed a refreshing style that combines street tales with wisdom and food for thought. His cadence, delivery and flow are spectacular. Podgy's music is raw, intense and personal. However, he has songs that can rock a club as well. Part of what makes him so intriguing is that he continually strives to connect with the listener.

Podgy Smith is currently flying high with his latest release entitled “December Interlude,” which was produced by Desirez Beats, the producer for Rod Wave and Lil TJay. The performance Visualizer for the song was shot and edited by R.K. Warren. Podgy delivers vivid rhymes and smooth flows on the track. His music is like a new strain of Hip Hop; it's cool yet hot, and laid back yet outspoken. Podgy Smith is currently in the studio working on his next project called “Motions.” 


450’s ‘Wild n Rich” is the #1 Song in the Caribbean

Dancehall Artist 450 has become one of the more consistent Artists this year, and it has been paying off with a significant growth in his streaming numbers and fanbase, and a steady increase in bookings. The hitmaker secured charting success with his recent single “Wild N Rich”.

The Week.Day-produced “Wild N Rich” quickly found favor with 450 fans, and the Damaniac Visualz-directed video trended for a number of days on YouTube. Since its release on November 3, the single has secured a #1 chart placement on Apple Music in 14 countries as well as debuting at #15 on Top 25 in New York. Thanks to its rising popularity, 450 followed up with an “‘Wild N Rich’ Open Verse Challenge” on Social Media, allowing fans to create videos contributing original lyrics to the hit single.

While bookings have increased for 450, his most recent performance at 02 in London was incredible, to a sold out venue with fans belting out his hits word for word. 450 is expected to wrap up in 2023 with a quick tour through the Caribbean and a last destination in Canada. For more information on 450 and his upcoming tour dates, follow him on Instagram at @450Music.

Rapper Swane 1000 Makes an Impact in The South and Beyond

The South has run hip hop for over a decade, and continues to run up the score with more emerging artists and the towns supporting them. Columbus, GA recording artist Swane 1000 has brought light to his city that would usually be dimmed out by the bright stars of ATLANTA. With the recent release of his latest project "TRAPPED IN A TRAP", which was released on OCTOBER 16th, 2023, Swane is leading the charge of the indie celebrities who have been making a name for themselves.

Swane released the visual to the lead single, "4 Da Streets," a record that depicts a day in the life of a trapper who does it for the community. It has amassed over 50,000 sales and streams to date under the Immortal Empire imprint. As you can see, Swane 1000 is well loved and received by the children of the projects as he shows him that hustlin isn't the only way, and there is a chance to get out of it.

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DeParris729 Breaking Barriers with Empire 45

Empire 45 Partnership

In a game-changing alliance, DeParris729 strategically aligns with Empire 45, marking a pivotal moment in their musical journey. This collaboration signifies a commitment to artistic growth and reaching new heights within the industry, promising a synergy that will redefine their trajectory.

Stage Domination at A3C Weekend

From A3C Weekend's spotlight, DeParris729 emerges as a commanding force, leaving an indelible mark on the festival's vibrant stage. Their magnetic stage presence and electrifying performances not only captivate audiences but also establish them as a standout artist poised for broader recognition.

Rip the Mic and Trapping from the Basement

Navigating the industry landscape, DeParris729 dominates platforms like Rip the Mic and Trapping from the Basement, solidifying their presence beyond the stage. These platforms serve as catalysts for their expanding fan base and contribute to the narrative of an artist steadily rising through the ranks.

ATL Takeover at Onyx and Aces of Clubs

Heading South, DeParris729 electrifies the ATL scene with unforgettable performances at iconic venues, Onyx and Aces of Clubs. The embrace from the Southern music scene not only signifies regional success but also positions DeParris729 as a cross-genre influencer, bridging gaps within the diverse world of hip-hop.

2K 24's Soundtrack Recognition

In a notable milestone, DeParris729 secures a coveted spot on the 2K 24 soundtrack, amplifying their reach through the gaming community. This recognition extends their music's reach beyond traditional avenues, tapping into a global audience and showcasing the versatility of their sound.

Hot 97 Acknowledgment: DJ Spazzo Takes Note

The influential DJ Spazzo at Hot 97 recognizes DeParris729's unique sound, further propelling their music into the spotlight. This acknowledgment not only opens doors to broader radio play but also establishes DeParris729 as an artist catching the ear of industry tastemakers.

Club Resonance: Strip Clubs Echoing Their Latest Hit

The nightlife scene pulsates with the beats of DeParris729's latest hit, making waves in strip clubs and creating a buzz around their evolving sound. This resonance within the club circuit contributes to their growing popularity and sets the stage for a dynamic interaction between the artist and their audience.

Upcoming Release: "Outlaw" featuring DJ Esudd

Anticipation builds as DeParris729 teases the release of "Outlaw," a collaboration with the renowned DJ Esudd, promising a fresh and exciting musical chapter. This upcoming release generates intrigue, hinting at a fusion of styles that could potentially redefine the boundaries of contemporary hip-hop.

Revolutionizing 2024

As 2024 approaches, DeParris729 sets the stage for a musical revolution, gearing up to make a major impact and redefine the music landscape. With a strategic foundation laid in 2023, the artist envisions a year of innovation, growth, and groundbreaking releases, promising a musical journey that will resonate with audiences on a profound level.

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Tay G Unleashes "Keep It Tight": A Game-Changing Moment in Rap

It was on Friday, October 13th, that the rap realm bore witness to a seismic shift, all thanks to the arrival of Tay G's musical masterpiece, "Keep It Tight." This isn't your run-of-the-mill track; it's a groundbreaking creation destined to captivate rap enthusiasts and music aficionados alike.

"Keep It Tight" stands as a testament to Tay G's ever-evolving artistry, cementing his reputation as one of the genre's most promising talents. With his charismatic lyricism and undeniable presence, he has consistently carved a niche for himself in the rap world.

What truly sets "Keep It Tight" apart is Tay G's unique style and his storytelling prowess. The track seamlessly weaves profound lyrics with an infectious, energetic sound, creating an auditory experience that refuses to be ignored. It's the kind of music that resonates deep within your soul, leaving a lasting impression. Tay G has an uncanny ability to craft verses that speak to the heart and soul of his listeners, and "Keep It Tight" is poised to solidify his status as an artist whose lyrics resonate with a diverse audience.

When you listen to "Keep It Tight," you can feel the dedication and passion that Tay G infuses into his music. Every note and verse is a testament to his commitment to his craft, and it's palpable in every second of the track. This single is not just a musical offering; it's a glimpse into the soul of an artist who is destined for greatness. Tay G's "Keep It Tight" is poised to elevate his career to new heights, and fans are eagerly anticipating what's next from this gifted artist.

The success of "Keep It Tight" is already apparent, with an impressive 7,000 streams on Spotify. And this is just the beginning of the journey. Tay G's future projects are now eagerly awaited, and if "Keep It Tight" serves as any indication, we're in for a musical revolution. His ability to connect with listeners and deliver a powerful message through his music sets him apart as an artist to watch in the rap industry.

"Keep It Tight" is a musical masterpiece that demands your attention. Tay G's unique style, storytelling prowess, and deep connection with his audience make this track a must-listen. Don't miss out on this transformative musical experience. Join the growing fan base and immerse yourself in Tay G's world. "Keep It Tight" is available now on all major streaming platforms, and it's an essential addition to your rap collection.

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