3 Organic oils & Aloe Vera moisturizing & after sun face, body wash and shower gel making process

Making process of our 3 Organic oils & Aloe Vera face & body wash to moisturize & cleanse. It's a Handmade & natural shower gel & moisturiser offering instant moisturizing & after sun relief.

WK Organics handmade and Eco-friendly moisturising & cleansing body wash is pH skin friendly and contains fragrance-free natural ingredients such as Organic Aloe Vera gel, Spearmint, Basil and Marigold flower oil leaving skin soft and velvety.

Our moisturising, rich 3 Organic oil shower gel and body wash is formulated with skin soothing organic aloe and organic spearmint, basil and marigold flower oils, offering soothing, cooling and refreshing skin care - you may also find that you do not need to moisturise after usage.

When ever there is a need for instant skin cooling relief, or to cleanse, moisturise and rehydrate your body after being exposed to UV rays / after sun or air pollution, after the gym or training session, a long walk, swim, or any other environmental skin stressors, apply a little to wet hands, massage into skin, hair and nails, and then rinse off, leaving your skin, the environment, and your conscience ultra clean.

Visit: https://www.wkorganics.com/product/bath-body/shower-gels/organic-moisturizing-face-body-wash/ or https://www.amazon.co.uk/Organic-Moisturizing-Body-Wash-And-Shower-Gel/dp/B0B34VRSDX/

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