War Of The Human Tanks - Limited Operations Download No Crack

War Of The Human Tanks - Limited Operations Download No Crack

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About This Game

War of the Human Tanks - Limited Operations is the third game of the 'War of the Human Tanks' series.

In 'Japon', a country bearing a close resemblance to modern-day Japan, 'Human Tanks' have been fighting a sequence of wars against each other. Due to the reduction of 'radiotoxic particles', their fuel, their era is considered to be about to end. While their end comes to one tank after another, the very final war of Human Tanks is on the verge of beginning.

Seek out, charge and self-destruct to destroy your enemies in this strategy game!
Lead your Human Tanks and complete your missions!

This is a strategy game where you control Human Tanks - human-shaped tanks - and fight against other Human Tanks on the side of the hostile country.
Scout out the enemy and plan your strategy, but remember that your tanks will go down in one hit and be lost forever.

Key Features
  • Over 50 missions with strategic, semi real-time battles
  • Challenging "Limits" to clear on all missions
  • Countless cute Human Tanks to battle with and against
  • Replay missions at any time to improve your rank
  • English localization features hand-drawn battle backgrounds and an improved user interface

The land of Japon has been split in two and thrown into war by two nations, the Empire of Japon and the Kingdom of Japon, who use biological weapons known as "Human Tanks" to fight their war. But now the war between these two has turned into a proxy war between the Human Tanks themselves.

The stage is a land not unlike modern day Japan - the land of Japon. The Empire of Japon and the Kingdom of Japon, two nations locked in war for an age, have finally agreed to a ceasefire to end the bloodshed.

To improve relations between the two countries, and due to the decrease of the radiotoxic particles that the Human Tanks use as fuel, the tanks themselves are about to disappear from all of Japon.

Fifty years since Human Tanks were first developed...

Our hero, Yatarou Shirahase, acting as an officer in the Imperial army, is dispatched on a mission to subjugate the Human Tanks. He must now battle an enemy of the same make as his own beloved company of Human Tanks. 7ad7b8b382

Title: War of the Human Tanks - Limited Operations
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Yakiniku Banzai
Fruitbat Factory
Release Date: 13 Jun, 2016


Just like the original this is an excellent turn based strategy game courtesy of doujin developer Yakiniku Banzai.. The conversation used to be so much fun...the tsu-comi, the silly question and all that. Kinda miss those script. Besides a massive victory, the stylish talks are what really attracts me. Now they are gone :( I am going to finish the series afterall, but without all the laughters...
this is why splinter cell: Chaos theory is so much fun. Not just because the game but the talks vividify the chararcters.. I like the war of the human tank series, but sadly, I can't get behind this one. the gameplay is basicly the same like in the first 2 games, there is pretty much no new unit added to your roster(unless you count your unlimited range scouting unit and\/or the ovassionally changing command unit, but in terms of basic troops everything as usual).

The game also predictates a lot of your roster, so you won't be able to build your army as much to your playstyle, which is pretty much predictated by the missiondesign anyway. In the missions you can win by simply having an army advantage it doesn't matter, but the ones where you have to kill all enemy command units before the timer runs out pretty much forces you to rush all in with all your units, to even REACH the command units in time, most of said missions, slower units like the artillery unit therefore become a disadvantage pretty quik. And there are A LOT of stupid skirmish missions that have no influence on your progression or the overarching story whatsoever, special missions like the awesome fight with the train in the first game are pretty rare.

Also the story didn't really catch me this time around, in the first 2 games you were always a nation on the brinck of loosing a war, this time though, you are simply regular army guy fighting against some terrorist group.

I could have looked past all of these things though, if it wasn't for the dreadfull options... the game is still in 4:3, you can't adjust soundsettings ingame, fullscreening it weirdly stretches it and so on and so forth... I was willing to look past that in the first one, since I liked the interesting combat system, and I also ignored it in the second game, just because I was finally able to play as the way cooler "bad guys", but this is the third installment in the series, with nothing new gameplaywise, weaker story and still the same bad option-menue!? I mean seriously, come on...

Still love WOTHT 1+2, but part 3 just feels lazy in every aspect.. Decent game. I waited too long to get to War of the Human Tanks - Limited Operations <\/i>; it's a great standalone title for the WoHT universe. LO takes place several decades after ALTeR, following a totally different cast of characters. There are clearly some relationships between LO characters and those from the other two installments, hinted by some characters and their abilities, but I haven't bothered to figure it all out (someone call Game Theory to figure this out maybe).

From a gameplay standpoint, your army supplied with units specific to each mission, instead of assembling tanks and modules yourself. This is a benefit for the player who has played the first two games and now wants more of the VN than the battles. The player doesn't have to worry about grinding and spends more time with the story rather than outfitting the army. Most battles are balanced in favor of the player, though some battles are certainly more frustrating than others. The battlefields seem less diverse than in previous games, and more emphasis is placed on strategic movements in the face of a time constraint. I really like this limited supply idea, but players who liked the element of customizing their army would understandably find the concept a let-down. Also, I love the new level selection menu, which allows you to read associated scenes without going into battle.

The extra battles that are unlocked by performing "limit clears" are clearly meant for bringing some nostalgia back for those that have played the first two games (it's quite unlike Dai'honei Corps to be taken out by the player like the way you will in LO).

LO is definitely recommended, if only just to complete the collection. It doesn't really address any plot points from the first two games, so don't look for answers in LO.. This is only a review around the beginning of the game so I may add more later. Note that I haven't played the second game in this series due to various reasons that I won't even try to explain.

If you've played the first game before, then you know that it's a real(ish) time strategy game with cute human tank chibi's fighting other cute human tank chibi's in the fictional land of Japon. One difference though is the lack of the ability to buy new human tanks (as far as I know) and the use of a limited amount of human tanks you can use in your arsenal.

This kind of makes you want to switch somewhere from being aggressive (which usually causes waste which was fine in the first game since you can always buy more human tanks, but not here) to being a heavily defended turtle of your most valuable units (like Mihari the scout tank as a great example as she can be the key to winning if you know where that long range enemy unit\/commander is) but you're also pressed for time to achieve victory so you always have to calculate for risk constantly whenever your units can move. You can always fire blindly into the fog of war the game has and chances are you'll get lucky in scoring a hit. Note that the enemy can also blindfire and get lucky as well.

Graphics: Who cares? I don't for this game.

Music\/Sound: Personally, I think it's likely a rehash from the previous games for the majority of what I've played so far, but that's fine.

One thing I currently find annoying is that it seems to be doing the opening animation and credit scene on each beginning and ending of a chapter. I have no idea is there's any changes in each chapter as each five to ten seconds of both of these seem the same.

Now excuse me as I bite my thumb in worry and excitement of how to protect my human tanks as I try to beat this game.. I have no idea what is going on.
Human Tanks are weapons of mass destruction that casually scream out when being shelled by artillery.
It's very thematic and funny.

This game is great.
If you enjoy puzzles, fighting for area control, and intense battles (you can't grind out strong tanks like in the other WoTHT games) you will enjoy this niche game.

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