Visual Novel Maker - BELIEVER! Collection Vol.3 Download Crack Serial Key

Visual Novel Maker - BELIEVER! Collection Vol.3 Download Crack Serial Key

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Once every thousand years, a portal opens to a parallel world and strange creatures invade and threaten Earth. But a group of guardians will rise to protect our daily lives, while tackling battles, romance, love and interpersonal relationship. This is the world of「Believer!」, a beloved visual novel released by D3 Publisher.

Now you can bring the marvelous 「Believer!」 world to your non-commercial VNM projects! 「Believer!」Collection is a 3-part series of stunning graphics - including both unique characters and gorgeous backgrounds. Spanning across all 3 volumes, there is a total of over 3800 characters illustrations and 68 backgrounds that are waiting to be used. Whether you're looking to craft a novella set in the 「Believer!」 world or simply wish for stylish graphics to illustrate an original love story, you can't go wrong with 「Believer!」 Collection!

Volume 3 is all about the Outer world of Galvaricia and its denizens. Explore the castles and forest of the parallel world and bring a touch of danger to your non-commercial Visual Novel Maker projects! With 11 expressions for each of the 6 characters and 18 exciting locations to explore, you're sure to be inspired for adventure, betrayal, romance and more.

BELIEVER! Collection vol. 3 includes:


※ Includes 11 expressions for each character.


※ Includes the following outfit/pose for each character:
Pose A

[King of the outer world]
※ Includes 11 expressions
※ Includes the following outfit/poses:
Pose A (normal)
Pose B (transformed)

〇About animation patterns
※Most expressions have 2-4 patterns, as named below:
[Talking with eyes open]
・Idle expression「openeyetaiki」
・Talking Expression「openeyekaiwa」
[Talking with eyes closed]
・Idle Expression「closeeyetaiki」
・Talking Expression「closeeyekaiwa」


Castle Outside(Morning, Evening, Night)
Castle Barrier room
Castle Throne room
Castle Laboratory
Castle Ruido's room
Castle Shinki's room
Castle Creation room
Castle Hallway
Castle Underpass
Castle Tower Inside(Morning, Evening, Night)
Castle Prison
Ruin (Morning, Evening, Night)
Underground Lake
Dim Forest 1 (Morning, Evening, Night)
Dim Forest 2 (Morning, Evening, Night)
Dim Forest Underpass
Cavity (Morning, Evening, Night)
Cavity Outside (Morning, Evening, Night)

※This content use is subject to the Believer! Collection resource EULA, please check before use. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Visual Novel Maker - BELIEVER! Collection vol.3
Genre: Web Publishing
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2018


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