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As an ECHO – a digital entity representing a human’s consciousness – you can transfer yourself into a Sentinel, a mechanized chassis built specifically for this purpose. Manufactured by various companies, each has been built to fulfill a different role on the battlefield.

Now that the Trident, humanity’s last colony ship and bastion of hope, has been overrun by an unknown alien force, it’s up to you to take it back and ensure humanity’s embryo’s survival.

Choose from several Sentinels, each offering unique capabilities.

Will you take the enemy head-on with a Moskva, deploying a barrier that allows your allies to take some cover? Or perhaps you’d prefer the nimble Mogami that can dash behind enemy lines, deliver a deadly spread of super-heated projectiles, and dash back to safety? Choose wisely and co-operate with your team, and humanity may still have a chance to start anew.

You also have at your disposal a wide array of weaponry and abilities. Mix a flamethrower, the “Guzzler”, with a “Javelin” railgun or a "Viper" hand cannon with the "Buster" plasma rifle. Throw a supply pack for your teammates and receive a repair station as a thank you. Add mission modifiers to raise the stakes in exchange for increased rewards. Fight through each of the ship’s sectors, and free them to unlock new weapons and abilities.

Customize your weapons by re-rolling their stats, and upgrade them once you’ve found enough tech. Unlock passive bonuses as you increase in rank, and become the legend that aliens fear.

Remember your training and what’s at stake. Humanity is counting on you, ECHO! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Trident's Wake
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Bacus Studios
Graffiti Games
Release Date: 21 Feb, 2019


  • OS: Windows Vista / 7
  • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or higher, AMD Radeon 4000 or higher
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible


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As of now the game is riddled with bugs..
I could barely complete 2 missions without alt+F4, there is just too many bugs.. Such a depressing game. Nowhere near the level of helldiver.. Such a depressing game. Nowhere near the level of helldiver.. lolz don't Stop moving (loading). I refunded this buggy mess. I could barely get a game started because the menus didn't seem to be setup for a controller. Not good considering this is a twin stick shooter. Once, I got that figured out I found the gameplay to be rather uninspired and dull.

Heading towards GDC:
Greeting, fellow ECHOs!

We wanted to share some good news with this growing community: we’ll be assisting this year’s Game Developers Conference and Game Connection at San Francisco next week!

Here at Bacus Studios, we have a grand vision for our small indie studio and our first commercial title, Trident’s Wake. We’ve been working tirelessly towards this goal, and now we’re just a few steps for achieving this. In its current state, all of the game’s base mechanics have been implemented and tested we’re currently in the process of polishing the build we’ll be showcasing during the events.

What we’re missing now is content. We have created tools and processes that allow us to streamline the content creation for our game, and now we need to start producing that content. Our base goal for this game is to have at least 20 hours worth of original content for a standard player, and around 25 for a “completionist”. We’d also like to localize the game into at least 6 languages, support other operating systems, and port the game for consoles (our couch co-op feature is a great plus there). From the very beginning, we have produced every asset with those considerations in mind, but we can currently only focus our budget on one system, and that’s Windows.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to showcase our game, in different stages of development, at several local and national events. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our mission during the events at San Francisco is to share this experience with a much broader and tougher audience, as well as demonstrating what we’re capable of to several publishers, in order to secure the funds to be able to deliver the game we have envisioned.

If, however, we are not able to do so, do not be disheartened. We will still release the game, only that it will be as an Early Access title. We know a lot of gamers are already burnt out on Early Access titles, and as gamers ourselves we’ve had those experiences as well. However, there are some very good positives of Early Access, especially since we’d be releasing a stable, playable version of the game, in which your feedback will be priceless.

As for now, if any of you are going to be present at the events, we invite you to come try out our game during the Dutch Courage party, sign up on

We’ll update you as soon as we have any news on this regard.
. We present v0.91b60:

Hey ECHOs, small update today, v0.91b60. We fixed several issues that came up during our last update, with the most important being:
- Sector selection is functional again and controller-friendly.
- Locally hosted games can now correctly access the three available options: "Continue", "Quit Mission" and "Exit Game".
- When obtaining a new rank, all exceeding experience points carry over and count towards the required experience of the following rank. If the conditions are right, you can even rank up twice after one mission.

We expect to have a juicier update by Friday at most, including some features we've been teasing you with for a while.

Also, please keep in mind that we're still working on a Big Update that is primed to release on the later half of March, and that one will bring some much-welcome goodies with it!. Content Update #1:

Hey ECHOs! The first major content update (v.093b65) for Trident’s Wake is now live!

Thanks to your feedback, we've been able to improve the game and make it an overall better experience for everyone involved. We’ll continue working on new features and lots of polishing, so expect regular smaller updates over the next days. There’s also another major update planned, but the particulars of which cannot be stated just yet.

This update brings a new sector (Crew Quarters) and a new Sentinel (Roka), descriptions of both can be found below.

Crew Quarters - A once cozy section of the Trident featuring malls, parks and recreational amenities, it was designed as the main habitable for when humanity were to reach its destination. You must prevent the aliens from corrupting this peaceful retreat!

Roka – A friendly and sturdy Sentinel that can take a beating, but better yet, prevent it from happening. The Roka’s signature skill, Bulwark, provides an unmovable wall of energy that can temporarily block off a hallway or other key point, giving everyone a respite and allowing them to focus on one front at a time.

Additionally, we've added several new features to the game, some of which requested by you - the community! Some of these are:

  • Steam Invite. There’s a dedicated UI menu from within the Lobby (default key: F1) that will open Steam Friends overlay.
  • Voice Chat. On by default when in a mission. There’s a new option on the in-game menu that allows you to mute yourself or others.
  • Cinematic Intro. When launching the game, a story movie will run right after the splash screen.
  • Sentinel Garage Animations. Each Sentinel has their own personal moves when customizing them.
  • Reworked movement animation for the Mechanakis.
  • Improved Hosting Options. The host can now kick players in-game. This is experimental and we may need to update or remove altogether in the future.
  • Visual feedback for when you gain or use a weapon magazines.
  • Improved progression system to make it more fun and engaging.
  • A special treat (work-in-progress) for when you liberate all three available sectors.
  • And many other tweaks and improvements based on your feedback and suggestions. Thank you all very much for supporting us this far!

Known issues:
- End of mission report screen will sometimes not display mission performance date correctly. We've only seen this happen with a full squad.
- Under certain circumstances, there are at least two weapons that can allow a player to shoot themselves: “Viper” the Hand Cannon and “Buster” the Plasma Rifle. We’re looking into ways to prevent this from happening.
- Damaging yourself by any means (like causing a Zodiac to explode near you) triggers a friendly fire warning bark. Your feedback is always welcome as we continue to improve the game for everyone!

Thank you very much for supporting us! Happy hunting!
. Patch v0.91b59 now Live!:

Good Lord, that office screenshot is old!

Hey ECHOs! A new version has been pushed to Steam! Let's see what's changed for v0.91b59:

  • New end of mission / elevator sequence logic. Players will now have to endure a wave of enemies while the elevator arrives, and then exfiltrate before the doors close.
  • Major UI rework to Sentinel customization scree. More to come.
  • Improved the UI when creating a lobby and choosing a sector.
  • Players will not be able to join a lobby hosted by a different game version than the one they are running. This should reduce the amount of issues encountered while playing.
  • Mission modifiers that require multiple players will now no longer have any effect if a mission launches with just one player in it.
  • Chat no longer closes randomly or lose focus when hovering over other elements.
  • Chat is still accessible even when choosing to play with a controller (TAB to open; still missing an proper UI to indicate this).
  • 4K resolution support fix.
  • Ultra Wide support (black bars will be present, but it should not stretch the UI beyond the screen).
  • Fixed issue where weapons would have higher stats than intended on first unlock of passive Mark upgrades.
  • Reduced the amount of damage from other players when the Friendly Fire modifier is active.
  • Rocket Barrage cooldown increased from 5s (dev testing values) to 20s.
  • Fixed Lobby text chat where messages would be repeated several times.
  • Minimap no longer stops working when the host's Sentinel is destroyed.
  • Added UI element to indicate that a Sentinel has been destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes combat music would stop working.
  • Fixed an issue with the Flamethrower would continue to emit sound when in multiplayer.
  • Enemies can now open doors and should no longer be stuck in inaccessible locations.

Some known issues for v0.91b59:

- Mission report screen will sometimes not track the player's stats and medals correctly. We're still trying to figure out where it's going wrong and what triggers these stats to stop working.. Alinware Stream:

Hey everyone! today at 4 PM EST Alienware will be streaming the game. You can check their stream over here[].

You can help us out a lot by playing the game during that time, or just watch the stream and see how Alienware's peeps fare in Trident's Wake.

Cheers, and good day!. New things in v0.91b61!:

ECHOs, at long last, I'm glad to announce that we've updated the game to v0.91b61. The following are the most important changes:

- Quick-chat commands are here! In order for them to work, restoring default Key Bindings will be necessary just this time. The texts are not final, and the GUI needs improvements. Next update will include these improvements.
- Auto-reconstruction is now a thing! The motto "You Only Print Once" is no longer true for while playing solo. You get one free reconstruction, regardless of where you are within that mission. [HUD indicator will be added as soon as possible.]
- Elevator event reworked. While waiting for the elevator, relentless waves of enemies will storm through trying to stop the players from leaving. If there are no players present within the elevator by the time the doors close, the event will fail and must be restarted in order to complete the mission.
-Weapon swapping while reloading is now available!
- Weapon Tinkering update: displayed values should now be working as intended, and already account for the passive bonuses of the weapon marks.
- Fixed a bug that caused your chosen Sentinel's skill upgrades to not display correctly in a multiplayer lobby.
- Fixed an issue where the lobby chat would sometimes still repeat itself if you joined another lobby after finishing a mission.
- Added a visual cue in the lobby that shows which key opens the chat panel.
- Returning to the main menu from a mission that was played with a controller will now allows you to properly navigate through the menus.
- You Sentinel's paint job will now follow you in locally-hosted missions as well.
- Tweaked Beamer weapon ("Firefly" F1-R). Increased damage distribution.

Known Issues:

- Lost footstep SFX when sprinting.
- The Mission Report screen sometimes has issues when a mission is completed by 4 players.


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