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Original Title: Lock-Up

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Family,Sci-Fi




































Disgraced fanatical warder of Arkham Asylum sets himself as a vigilante jailer.
A deranged prison warden, a snarky Boy Wonder and Paul Dini's humor - 'Lock-Up' was a better episode than I'd remembered from seeing it twenty-odd years ago, and it's a good character study for Batman on his own vigilantism. "Where is the line drawn?" is always a pertinent question when it comes to cape and cowl work.

For such a one-off villain, they sure did make Lock-Up memorable. It's hard not to think of Bane when batman's facing his over-muscled opponent (as well as the third act taking place on a ship) but this is one fight that's actually pretty good. Plus, there's a brawl stop a sinking freighter. It's not a bad fight scene. Throw in some very nice animation, and it' a winner.

7/10 Batman: The Animated Series

One of the most successful and loved franchise of Batman, depicts the comic version at its best by going deep into the character's perspective rather than trying to cover-up or justify its sketchy tone. The animation is not only convincingly good but also seems like a lot of thought is invested on its cinematography which for the most part of it works on metaphorical way. Kevin Conroy seems the apt choice to be the voice of Batman (although not so sure about Bruce Wayne) and so does Robert Hastings for Commissioner James Gordon as it has the right amount of depth in it. A smarter approach by the makers by narrowing it down to only 20 minutes and get right to the point, keeping the audience engaged. It also brings in bigger cast like Mark Hamill to do the voice over of Joker, which is done with genuine passion and enthusiasm that is clearly visible on screen. Addition to that, the makers keep some of the villains under their sleeve and uses it as a trump card whenever felt necessary that helps in continuity and glue all individual cases as much as possible.

Season 03

The season that takes an unnecessary detour and lands into a pit, a pit that the makers later realizes, is so deep that they will never be able to recover from the damage down and may also scar the childhood. The writers seem to be losing their touch on the tone of it as they finds themselves sweating behind the camera waiting for a miracle, which no character helps on doing so.

Lock Up

It had an interesting concept that helps hook the viewers, and after investing into it they start regretting for it within few minutes as it shatters expectation and not in a good way leaving the audience none wiser.
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