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Caesar's plan to name 100 new Senators - mostly from the tribes that have been most loyal to Rome - creates consternation among the those plotting against him. Brutus is now firmly on their side but realizes that this must be carefully planned. Caesar keeps both Mark Antony and Lucius Vorenus close to his side. Both are distracted while the plotters assassinate Caesar on the floor of the Senate. Servilia relishes the moment and invites Atia to her home at the appointed hour and happily tells her of Caesar's death and the end of the Julii. She also remembers a secret about Vorenus and Niobe and sends her servant to tell him about his grandson. While Caesar is being assassinated, Vorenus is raging at Niobe over her deceit, leading to tragic consequences. Pullo has left the city looking for forgiveness from his gods and perhaps a reconciliation with Eirene.
In the aftermath of their arena exploits, both Pullo and Vorenus have become icons and heroes to the people of Rome. As a result, Vorenus' defense of his actions to Caesar lands him in an unexpected position of power when Caesar, after proclaiming himself dictator for life, makes Vorenus a senator. In the meantime, Pullo's unexpected return to Vorenus' household to recover from his injuries away from a medical hospital, is not appreciated by his former slave Eirene who still holds a grudge against Pullo for killing her boyfriend. Elsewhere, Caesar decides to overhaul the senate by adding some surprising new faces, much to the chagrin of the old guard, including Brutus. As Servilia hurdles the final obstacle to her revenge plan against Caesar by secretly organizing the conspirators to assassinate Caesar in the senate on the Ides of March, she finally reveals her revenge and complex scenario to Atia and Octavian, while her servant learns the scandalous truth about Niobe's baby and informs Vorenus who has a fatal confrontation with Niobe.
As the first season of Rome reaches its conclusion so too does Caesar's reign… but not till the end of the episode. Before that we see that Vorenus and Pullo are being treated as heroes by the people although Pullo is still seriously injured and Vorenus doesn't know how Caesar will react. Luckily his popularity means that rather than being punished he is rewarded; Caesar decides to make him one of the hundred new senators… something that offends the other senators who don't want such a low-born man made a senator. Vorenus isn't the most offensive move though; the other new senators include Gauls and Celts. With Vorenus constantly at Caesar's side it will be hard for the plotters to strike Caesar but they know a secret that will force him home and have tragic consequences for both Vorenus and Caesar. Meanwhile Pullo continues to seek Eirene's forgiveness and Servilia taunts Atia; stating that she intends to make her suffer before she finally destroys her now Caesar is out of the picture.

This episode provided a great end to the first series; while I'm sure everybody watching knows what happened to Caesar it still proved fairly taut. It was of course helped by the fact that Caesar wasn't the only person who might die in this episode. Ciarán Hinds does a fine job as Caesar but in the final scene it was Tobias Menzies who stood out as he portrayed the conflicted Brutus. While there were no shocks in the senate Vorenus's story provided a genuine shock when he confronts Niobe about her infidelity; both Kevin McKidd and Indira Varma impressed in this short scene. It wouldn't be 'Rome' without Pullo although he didn't feature in the death of Caesar which was a bit of a relief given how he was shoehorned into just about every other event of the time. Overall a great episode which nicely closed this chapter in the story of ancient Rome. Rome is a remarkable series one's the most interesting in last 10 years mainly because upon real facts since the beginning every episode is unique. A co-production of HBO made by English in Italian ground gave the series more respectability with excellent cast telling the most important chapter of roman empire about the fall of republic and raise a new Emperors's era who Caesar dreamed and fighting for,the last episode is about the famous events that took place at forum where the dictator was murdered by a bunch of senators who were a long time planning the revenge against Caius Julius Caesar. Voreno and Pullo were the main characters and had to fix their own's problems and left Caesar to face your destiny....fantastic series really one's my favorite on a blu-ray's colorful!!!

This last line ("Et tu, Brute" in Latin) has become famous because it is derived from William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar. The truth is that there is quite some disagreement among scholars and historians over what Caesar said upon dying, or whether he said anything at all.

Roman historian Suetonius reports that Caesar said "You too, my child" in ancient Greek (Shakespeare's line is a variation on this). Plutarch wrote that Caesar remained silent and merely pulled his toga over his head when he saw Brutus. The controversy still remains among historians nowadays.

So the phrase "You too, Brutus" is by no means a certain historic fact. Jonathan Stamp, the series writer and historic consultant, edges toward the version of Plutarch (whom he mentions on the audio commentary). In the series, Caesar silently pulls his toga over his head after Brutus stabbed him, perhaps as a sign of disdain (though Stamp explains this action as a way for Caesar to conserve his dignity). Also note that Caesar tries to say something to Brutus (Brutus confirms this in the next episode "Passover"), but is not able to due to his injuries.


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