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About This Game

Interstellaria is a real time space-exploration sim and crew management game.

Command a fleet of vessels wandering the galaxy for adventure and profit! You’ll be forced to make tough decisions as you face hostile starships, crippling space anomalies, and intriguing aliens. When your fleet faces certain doom, should you direct your crew to make critical repairs, or report to their stations and boost your fleet?

Land your flagship on an alien world, allowing your crew to gather valuable resources for you— but be sure to equip them with powerful armor and weapons! It’s a dangerous universe out there, and although many helpful creatures will trade or share valuable information with you, many more will attack on sight!


  • Tactical crew management. Direct crewmen to put out fires, or repair damaged equipment. Posting them to their station boosts your fleet's speed and combat abilities.
  • Customize your ship with helpful stations. Allocate power to important systems or simply outfit your ship with lasers and put all power into weapons!
  • Your crew eats, sleeps, and needs entertainment. Each one develops unique traits throughout the game that help or hurt the mission. Various outfits and weapons can be found to customize them further.
  • Fleet-based combat. Instead of controlling a single ship, you control multiple ships each with their own crew.
  • Fully explorable galaxy, no areas are off limits. Each region has unique ships, aliens, and mysteries to find.
  • Land your ships on planets! Each world is a new experience and has special rewards for you and your crew.
  • Featuring an all-original soundtrack from the incredibly popular chiptune musician Chipzel.

Title: Interstellaria
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Coldrice Games LLC
Release Date: 17 Jul, 2015


Its a good game I enjoy it, but it crashes a lot. Form me certain events or places had a 100% crash rate. Hence it makes the game not really playable. Getting the bugs fixed will make it a nice game. However atm its just frustrating. I think in the 3.6 hours I played it, the game froze like 10 - 15 times. Freezing both in game and during the loading screen. What is also strange it the game lacks an autosave function (well none that I could find). So you need to manually save ALL the time incase of freezing. At least if the game auto saved before each loading screen that would take away some of the pain.

Its fun play it, but expect the pain of a buggy game. I will not be playing it. My time is valuable to me and this just keeps freezing.

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