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Original Title: Coffin Full Of Dollars

Genge: Western,Action




































There's a frontier feud on the border of Mexico. Outlaw Hagen's brothers have been killed by Nevada's Kid's family.
What do you get when you take a silly revenge screenplay and add to it a lusterless cast of bad, unattractive actors and a bug-eyed, bad acting actress? You get this movie, that's what you get. Everyone associated with this mess should be ashamed. Even Kinski seems bored (as well he should be). Only the stunt men get to shine, as they twirl and do their acrobatics when they get shot (all of it bloodless and woundless). None of this makes a lot of sense. Gordon Mitchell, whom I've always liked, is wasted here, playing against type as a bounty hunter with a heart. What a waste of ninety minutes this is! Don't waste your time watching this one. I wish I hadn't.
Average Italo Western. Mostly poor acting and a LOT of plot holes/stupid behavior i.e. people kill each other any given possibility - normal in italo western - but main characters always go into fistfights against each other. Klaus Kinski is amazing as always - his role is small but he is the only character that impressed me and you will remember after seeing the movie. (unexpected) Some very funny scenes with a "doll" - i really laughed. If you like italo western (as i do) i recommend it - otherwise skip it all in all not too bad 6/10

BUT far from "per un pugno di dollari" (for a fistful of dollars) by Sergio Leone which some people seem to have mixed it up with.

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