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I write for Tuts+ and had this article recently: Programming with Yii2: Getting Started - Tuts+ Code Tutorial and these two new series which have many episodes 1 Jun 2016 Yii 2 is a trending PHP framework. In this tutorial, you will learn basics of MVC, how to install Yii2 and how to create model, view and controller in Yii2. Developers favor this mature web application development platform because of In other words, it is used to communicate between the Model and View Learn how to use Yii, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with Yii Training and Tutorials MVC Frameworks for Building PHP Web Applications.The application will dispatch the page request to the action; and the action will in turn render the view that shows the word "Hello" to the end user. Through this 25 Oct 2013 This tutorial is released under the Terms of Yii Documentation. Copyright 2014 Yii .. The Yii developer team keeps a close eye on the latest Web .. each word is separated by a hypen, e.g. the controller id for the CamelCaseController. 27 Apr 2011 10 Oct 2017 Yii Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Yii in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced Yii is a pure OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) framework. 21 Jan 2014 Before the development classify your extension and try to avoid dependencies on 1) Name extension folder in lower case , dash separate two words,etc like myext, my-ext, myExt,myext-v1.0 etc. 2) . Category: Tutorials.


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